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Emelie Hausler is a Wasaga Beach Real Estate agent who understands the Wasaga Beach Real Estate market. When looking for the right realtor, Emelie (who resides in Wasaga), can help you sell your home or make an informed buying decision.
Emelie Hausler

Emelie Hausler

Wasaga Beach Real Estate Agent
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How to Choose a Wasaga Beach Real Estate Agent

Finding the right Wasaga Beach Real Estate Agent can feel difficult. It’s a beautiful town and growing rapidly with many options, and many great properties to choose from in different areas. However, with the right realtor to address your questions and concerns, you will be able to buy or sell your Wasaga Beach Cottage or home quickly. Let’s review some insights for you to consider when choosing the Wasaga Beach Realtor to sell your home or to assist in buying a new home or cottage for sale in Wasaga Beach and surrounding areas.

Why Should You Work With A Wasaga Beach Real Estate Agent?

You may be tempted to believe that hiring an agent isn’t a necessity, but the current reality of the housing market is that it’s a very competitive one, and even more so in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. 

You can sell the house on your own, but you run the risk of taking much more time than intended, as not picking the right price and strategy can certainly hinder you in your real estate deal. When you are the buyer, you let a lot of opportunities slip away from your fingertips when you take the wrong approach.

Choosing the Right Wasaga Beach Real Estate Agent

Interview Various Agents

The best advice I was given is the first and most important advice I always pass along to potential clients.  Interview various agents to see and feel who fits with you the best. When you get to know the agents in your area, you attain a better understanding of the dynamics that take place there as well, all the interviewing will only lead to a better understand of the current market. If an agent does not have any insight, or the time of day for you, it’s best to move along and chat with someone else. 

Pricing Your Wasaga Beach Home

When it comes to pricing of your home or buying a home, fast-paced markets call for more competitive prices and decisive actions, whereas slow ones can allow more margin with a careful strategy. However, the disadvantage of the latter is that the offers tend to be scarcer than with the former. For this particular reason, you require an adaptable realtor that addresses this issue efficiently.

Concerning the price, most people naturally lean toward the realtor that offers the highest selling price. This is a common strategy to capture clients, but it doesn’t mean that your house will actually be sold at that price. Thus, interviewing several agents bestows you with a better view of the market landscape.

As a rule of thumb, you should let the realtor select the price. A skilled estate agent can strike the ideal balance between a competitive price and the one that suits you as well. Once the price is defined, discuss the commission.

Bonus tip: If the offer sounds too good to be true, ask for their list-price-to-selling-price ratio. Always find yourself one that delivers what is promised.

When buying real estate, the same aspects need to be reflected upon as lower market prices also mean very high realtor commissions, and slower markets also entail less leeway for commission negotiation.

Consider Referrals

Referrals are always given when one has had positive experiences. Considering that the real estate market is highly location-oriented, a referral is an ideal way to narrow down your search for a great Wasaga BeachReal Estate agent. 

The upside to referrals is that you increase your likelihood of finding potential buyers for your estate. They usually have the right connections and are able to link interested parties to the property you want to sell. 

If you plan to buy property, a well-connected person can be the direct link to the estate of your dreams in a matter of days. One caveat, though: they generally ask for larger commissions.

Ask Lots of Questions!

Questions, questions, questions… Write down everything you want to know about the realtor and ask away! If they get flustered or annoyed by them, look for someone else. A real estate agent must always be willing to answer all of your burning questions and if they don’t have an answer, giving them a chance to follow up will show how committed they are to working with you and your concerns. 

From difficult clients to their working schedule and frequency of contact, professionals that excel in their craft always have the right answer to the most common inquiries. Therefore, we strongly suggest asking all that you want to know before you make the final decision on what realtor to work with. 

Once You Have Found Your Realtor, Discuss the Selling Price and Commissions

Realtor fees are technically always negotiable, regardless of what an agent or broker might tell you. When working with your agent to determine the appropriate real estate commission, keep in mind a variety of factors, including your property, demand in your area, and other variables such as current market conditions. 

While this might seem to be the hard part, it isn’t when you find the right person for you. Find yourself a like-minded individual that meets your real estate needs. 

Emelie Hausler


Georgian Bay and the surrounding areas have so much to offer! It is truly a great place to experience all of the 4 seasons (sometimes all in one weekend if you’re lucky!). Whether in the Georgian Bay area or out in Muskoka cottage country Emelie Hausler is your Real Estate agent to help you gain a greater sense for local life. 

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