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Find homes for sale in Collingwood including cottages, vacant lots and waterfront properties sale in Collingwood and neighbouring communities.

Homes for Sale In Collingwood

Collingwood offers 4 season living right at the steps of the Blue Mountains. Find condos on the “shipyards” waterfront, Victorian homes and spacious backyards. Collingwood is great for those who love the outdoors, but want to be in walking distance to a beautiful waterfront and developed downtown with trendy restaurants, art galleries and shopping.

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For sale $449,000
707 JOHNSTON PARK Avenue, collingwood, Ontario

707 Johnston Park Avenue

Collingwood, Ontario

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 681
For sale $199,000
107 SUMMER VIEW Avenue, collingwood, Ontario

107 Summer View Avenue

Collingwood, Ontario

For sale $649,000
196 SIMCOE Street, collingwood, Ontario

196 Simcoe Street

Collingwood, Ontario

2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 865
For sale $579,900
#4 -107 ELLEN LANE, collingwood, Ontario

#4 -107 Ellen Lane

Collingwood, Ontario

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale OPEN HOUSE $1,224,990
562 SIMCOE ST, collingwood, Ontario

562 Simcoe St

Collingwood, Ontario

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
For sale OPEN HOUSE $1,224,990
562 SIMCOE Street, collingwood, Ontario

562 Simcoe Street

Collingwood, Ontario

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1985
For sale OPEN HOUSE $538,888
2 COVE Court Unit# 202, collingwood, Ontario

2 Cove Court Unit# 202

Collingwood, Ontario

1 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 823
For sale OPEN HOUSE $1,775,000
26 TRAILS END, collingwood, Ontario

26 Trails End

Collingwood, Ontario

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom
For sale $639,900
22 JOSEPH Trail, collingwood, Ontario

22 Joseph Trail

Collingwood, Ontario

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1048
For sale OPEN HOUSE $1,775,000
26 TRAILS End, collingwood, Ontario

26 Trails End

Collingwood, Ontario

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 3404
For sale OPEN HOUSE $489,900
123 ESCARPMENT Crescent, collingwood, Ontario

123 Escarpment Crescent

Collingwood, Ontario

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1130
For sale $2,490,000
49 MADELINE Drive, collingwood, Ontario

49 Madeline Drive

Collingwood, Ontario

5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 2814

About Collingwood, Ontario

A four-season destination spot

Collingwood is showcasing the tremendous growth and popularity for people ready to enjoy what Ontario really offers.

Collingwood’s diversity truly offers something for everyone. It has a nationally registered historic downtown. It offers skiing in the nearby Blue Mountains. You can enjoy water sports and waterfront relaxation. And you can take high advantage of the expansive network of hiking trails with over 60km to see.

Head down to the shore one day. Enjoy the beauty of the mountains the next day. No matter what you enjoy, you’ll find it here in Collingwood — year round.


Collingwood Ontario Real Estate Market Update 2024

Where Is Collingwood?

Collingwood is a quaint town located not far from Toronto and has been steadily becoming a high-quality place to live, with demand increasing year by year. This wonderful community is historically a shipbuilding town and is located on the beautiful Georgian Bay shores. The area has plentiful options for what to do and where to go. It’s not far from Blue Mountain Resort and various other private ski clubs which are thriving in the winter months. If you’re able to find a home in Collingwood, don’t let the opportunity slip away.  

Why is Buying or Renting a House in Collingwood So Expensive?

Right now, it’s expensive to buy a house just about anywhere. In Collingwood, it’s a similar reason to other places, which is that the supply of homes is extremely limited. Due to this lack of supply and increased demand, the prices have skyrocketed. It’s not a uniquely Collingwood problem; it’s the reality of the housing market at this moment in time. 

Who’s Driving The Demand For Houses in Collingwood?

Right now, the buyers driving up the demand for a house in Collingwood are referred to as ‘move-up buyers.’ These are the buyers that are typically families looking for quieter areas to raise a family and get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. This has been accelerated by Covid-19, which has made it clear to some people that city-living isn’t for them. 

The common requirement of a home that ‘move-up buyers’ search for is a town with walkability. What this means is that everything is easy to access via varying walking distances. More importantly, it’s the natural amenities. They don’t want concrete jungle living. They want grass, trees, lakes, ponds, and other natural elements that separate cities and towns. 

With the current prices of homes, the expectations of what they might receive in their budget have been adjusted to be more realistic. However, these sacrifices aren’t stopping them from searching for a new home. Two-story detached homes are currently not only the most sought after, but they’re also high in supply. 

Another popular home type in Collingwood is condos which are experiencing a higher-than-usual buying frenzy. Single people looking for a change are making their way to towns like Collingwood and snapping up condos.

Finally, demand for luxury homes has increased since 2020, but the low inventory levels have made it a difficult find.

Is Collingwood As a Community Expensive?

While the housing market, in general, is experiencing an intense time when it comes to the price of purchasing a home, the community itself is rather expensive. It’s listed as one of the top five most expensive communities in Ontario in terms of renting or owning a home. So whether or not the market is experiencing inflated prices, Collingwood is expensive in general. 

Is Collingwood a Good Place To Live?

The question is subjective. If you asked anyone in Collingwood if they loved the area, they’d likely wholeheartedly agree that it’s a great place to live. It’s a trendy inner-city suburb and has a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, local shops, and beautiful places to enjoy the area with family and friends. You can easily get from Collingwood to the CBD through some easily accessible public transportation. Beyond the locals, Collingwood has actually been given the title of 22nd best place to live in Canada out of 25 of the top options. So there’s a lot of evidence to support that this is a great place to live. However, you are the one who decides for certain at the end of the day if it’s right for you and your family.

What’s It Like To Live In Collingwood?

Collingwood is perfect for raising a family. It’s just the right mix of quaint, vibrant, and full of life that makes a small town thrive. The population of Collingwood is only growing. Between 2016 and 2021, the town’s population increased by an impressive 13.8%. The population in the area is now north of 24,811 people. Overall, living in Collingwood is great. With so many amazing places to eat and enjoy, you’re always nearby something happening, whether it be in Collingwood or in the city which is nearby. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Collingwood housing market is expected to continue to favour sellers in 2022 and 2023, prices rose by 8% in 2021 and have held steady for 2022. The housing supply shortage has effected many areas in Georgian Bay and has continued to keep prices higher than usual.

If you’re considering purchasing a second home, Collingwood should definitely be at the top of your list. Short-term and seasonal rentals are booming right now and are a great way to build equity for a future home or retirement living spot. Be sure to read and understand Collingwood’s short term rental laws but definitely consider making an offer on a beautiful home in the town. For more help contact a Collingwood Real Estate Agent

.Collingwood is a small town with a population of 22,000 people. Though small it still presents opportunities for fun all year round. Located on Georgian Bay, Collingwood is known for being next to Blue Mountain ski resort. Collingwood’s popularity means you may not get the quaint, small-town feel, but it’s a unique intersection between the city and a less urban lifestyle.

Collingwood is 2 hours and 20 minutes from downtown Toronto.

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